Green Pledge

177 Mortgages have always been keen supporters of going green in every way we can. It all started in 2010 when the company was formed by doing lots of little bits that all added up as we grew. We started off separating our office rubbish and recycling which was fairly novel back then, since then we’ve continued this and progressed massively. We offer a cycle to work scheme for staff in order to cut CO2 emissions on commutes to the office. We have also adopted a hybrid working set up for all staff which again has cut our staff CO2 emissions for coming to work massively and has no doubt improved the local air quality. Added to that, we’ve also promoted the use of electric cars by making anyone with an electric car a priority for parking at the office as we have a charger that’s free for the staff to use to recharge their cars.

During 2024 we are also embarking on a tree planting campaign where by we plant a tree for each mortgage completed via us, we have the aim of planting at least 5000 trees a year and gives a little back to the world in terms of resources that our business no doubt impacts on, although we try our very hardest to minimise that impact with our approach above.

We are also keen to improve our local community, and that comes in many forms, from raising money for Charity–where we’ve donated over £20,000 to various Charities over the years, mainly for sick children hospitals/hospices–to local litter picks, and offering our staff time in the community to do voluntary charity work. These small but essential offerings we make help our local community along with our staff’s moral and ability to feel as if they are helping out locally.

Just like at home, we wish to be as green as we can at work. So, in our little corner of the world, we are doing our best to be sustainable.

  • We operate an almost paperless office and use electronic communication where possible; the paper we do use is shredded and recycled (After being supplied to us by a local supplier).
  • We have even reduced the need for business cards and instead own just 1 card which can share our contact details electronically.
  • No desk has its own waste bin. Instead, the ones we do have are beside a recycle bin to encourage staff to recycle where possible.
  • There are automatic light switches in all short-use spaces.
  • We offer home/office hybrid working which reduces our overall employee commute time and therefore emissions.
  • For employees who do own an electric car – we have a free EV point at the office – so no range anxiety here!
  • We also believe a work-life balance is important. This is why we offer flexible working to all employees.

There is always room for improvement, and we have a few projects on the go at the moment to make us more sustainable… watch this space!

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